XTAL Incorporated

XTAL Incorporated is founded by industry veterans in Silicon Valley. Our core team members consist of well-seasoned experts in EDA (Electrical Design Automation), IC design, manufacture and capital equipment capacity. We take pride in specializing in yield enhancement, software optimization and hardware implementation targeting semiconductor ecosystem. Our winning-streak track record in solving multi-complex problems in the arena of design optimization and yield improvement helps us engage seamlessly with top IC designers, manufacturers and semiconductor capital equipment companies around the globe. We also offer extended consulting services to the industry

As stated in Moore's Law, the number of transistors on integrated circuits doubles approximately every two years, both physical and economic limits are fast approached. To keep Moore's law alive, every single step along the semiconductor design and manufacturing demands maximized optimization. Our mission is to provide solutions that make global optimization possible. We intensively focus on yield and time-to-market which are the two key factors in semiconductor device manufacturing. Our knowledge and experience, more importantly, esteemed reputation in the industry enable us to provide the most efficient and economical solutions for the industry and, in turn, take our company to the competitive global market.